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Our Mission

Lark Consulting brings you tangible and actionable sales and marketing analytics to give you more leads and close more business.

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Our Philosophy

Lark Consulting breathes creativity into your sales and marketing processes so “missed opportunity” is no longer in your vocabulary.

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Who we are

We know you don’t trust just anyone with your business. That’s why Lark Consulting brings you the sales and marketing expertise to not only reach your goals, but exceed them.

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What We Do

We bring you marketing analytics and consulting, deep call analytics, and personalized sales training that creates a winning culture.

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Jeremiah Wilson


Jeremiah Wilson is the founder of Convirza and Lark Consulting, author of JUMP: Life Beyond Mediocre, and owner of Power Training – a two-day leadership course with offices in the United States and Europe. He founded Convirza 14 years ago after inventing a patented call recording device. Jeremiah is a husband, father, and avid marathoner.

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